Sunday, 22 September 2013

A few (more) of my favourite things

I'm fairly sure I did a favourite things post forever ago, so on that basis let's say I definitely did, and I've titled this post accordingly.  And of course, it doesn't really matter at all, other than me showing you some of my favourite stuff, so I'll just get on with that then.

Square black houses.  I couldn't tell you why they hold such a huge part of my heart, but they do.  It doesn't matter how horrible a house looks, if I imagine it being black and square, it's awesome.  Except for the new house that's been built on the waterfront around the corner.  That one is beyond redemption.  I need to take a picture and show you. 

I particularly love this square black house, because it's home.  (You're welcome to think I was trying to take the picture on an arty angle.  I was, a bit, and to show off the squareness, but mostly I was just trying to keep all the kid fingerprints and dog-shakeoff all over the lower windows out of the shot)

My Chan Luu bracelet.  This is one of those things that I shouldn't have bought, but I adored on sight and so I did.  Since I was a kid I've loved polished stones and other than my engagement and wedding rings, I don't wear jewellery, so this is the perfect piece for me.  Each of the faceted stones has been drilled and is strung into a channel setting, bound onto two strings of leather.  The colours are fabulous.  And it's clever and different and not at all fussy.  So much to love!

While I'm here, my Lucky Brand jeans and Standard Issue knitwear, also awesome.  I adore Standard Issue, and their stuff lasts forever.

Kohl & Cochineal Obsidian handbag.  I love design, and this piece is definitely a design to admire.  I've had it a few years and I swear I love it more now than I did the day I bought it.  It's a spectacular size so a wee bit prone to bashing people accidentally, but I forgive it everything always.

Successful expirments in the kitchen.  These are afghans.  Minus the chocolate icing and walnuts.  With dark brown sugar instead of the usual soft brown sugar.  And only a small amount of cocoa, but a whole lot of grated dark cacao.  I love the colours in them.

Smudgey fingerprints on an almost empty bicky jar.  That means the kids are happy.  In turn, that makes me happy.

Finding good quality, natural skincare that won't burn my face off or cost me an absolute fortune is a whole lot harder than you'd think.  For the last few years, I've been bringing in Kora Organics from Australia.  I adore Kora, but the shipping fee alone was AUD$30.  I couldn't justify the cost, other than that it was an awesome product and awesome products are hard to come by.  Tricky.  Then one day I was reading a blog that praised The Herb Farm products, so thought, what's there to lose?  So I tried them, and fell head over happy, happy heels.

A super hasty shot of our last ever Chairman Mao pizza from our favourite pizza place that closed down during the week (hoisin sauce, pork belly prepared for 14 days, capsicum, baby corn, water cress, Lebanese bread ... nom).  I was trying to hold off the husband so there wasn't much time.  I have the saddest face ever that I'll never have this pizza again.

And there you have it.  A few of my favourite things, while I wait for a raspberry chocolate mudcake to do its thing in the oven.  Assuming success, pictures will follow.  Oh yes, they will follow.  They may be pictures of a half decimated cake, judging by the smell in the kitchen at the moment, but you know, a picture is a picture.

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cara_Mel said...

Man I love that bracelet!
And that bag.
And that pizza!